[Telecom] Foreign Listings Again

Greetings from Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Approximately six months ago, I relocated to Las Cruces, New Mexico to accept a position with a company performing a government contract.

I temporarily set up with Qwest a voicemail only account so that I could port that number to my VOIP service provider once I got out here and got settled.

The port was successful. I now have VOIP service on that telephone number (it is on a well recognized exchange code for Las Cruces, 526 in particular). Carolina Net is my VOIP provider.

As I did with AT&T in SC and GA, and with Verizon when I was in NC, I tried to arrange a foreign listing for my local number. As I also did with AT&T in SC and GA, and with Verizon when I was in NC, I had to file a complaint with the respective PSCs because AT&T and Verizon were refusing to provide my directory assistance listing (which they are required to do under FCC rules).

Unlike with when I was in SC, NC, or GA, the NM PSC doesn't seem to want to meet their responsibility in requiring Qwest to make the listing. They did contact Qwest on my behalf. When Qwest responded to them, the story I was given was that Qwest has a confidential policy which the PSC can not share with me. They require my VOIP provider to arrange the listing for me. This is a smokescreen if I ever heard one.

We tried this. Carolina Net tried to get the listing for me but was told that since my telephone number was out of the coverage area (I confirmed with Qwest that it is *not* out of the coverage area), that it was a foreign listing and they would not make the listing for me. They told Carolina Net that I would have to go to Qwest and arrange the listing. Qwest again refused.

The NM PSC told me to contact DEX Media (who is the provider of the local phone book out here). DEX said they would accept a foreign listing for business, but not for a residence.

I have filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. Of course, that is a slow process. I was just hoping there might be someone from Qwest reading the posts on Telecom Digest to see if we can get this resolved peacefully.

As per previous discussions on Telecom Digest, we ascertained that the incumbent LEC is required to accept foreign listings according to FCC section

51.217(c)(3). Specifically: A LEC shall accept the listings of those customers served by competing providers for inclusion in its directory assistance/operator services databases.

I can't believe this is the fourth time I've had to go regulatory to enforce what is a clear responsibility of the LECs under the rules of the Federal Communications Commission.

If anyone can be of help, I'd appreciate it.


Fred Atkinson

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Fred Atkinson
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