[Telecom] Canceled Foreign Listing Accounts

I moved to New Mexico over four years ago from Marietta, Georgia.

I had my telephone number listed with AT&T directory assistance using foreign listings since I was using a VOIP provider for my home phone service. I had it listed in the Atlanta telephone book under one account and the Marietta phone book under another one.

I canceled those listings shortly after I moved to New Mexico.

About a year later, they billed me again (these billings are normally sent annually).

I called them and after finally getting someone that knew what they were doing, I was told that she did show the account had been canceled and paid in full at that time. So she voided out additional charges and told me that both of the accounts were closed and I shouldn't hear any more about it.

Yesterday, I got an email from AT&T on the Atlanta account. They say I owe them $17.43 on that account.

I've tried to reach AT&T this morning but every time I call, their automated attendant transfers me and then I get a busy signal.

I've submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Is there anyone who can give me AT&T's executive complaints number? I used to call it to get results but I can't seem to locate it now.



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Fred Atkinson
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[snippeth of the usual tele-billing sleaze]

Don't waste time or breath trying to deal with AT&T. Send a note to your State Attorney General.

That office may or may not have a "real interest" in pursuing the matter, but at the least they'll probably forward it over to AT&T with a "post it" note attached.

The recipient will be someone who will actually pay attention.

- and in a better world, companies that did garbage like this would find their execs and enablers spending some time in the Graybar hotel...

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danny burstein

Don't do it. Write a letter to the office of the president.

208 S. Akard St. Dallas TX 75202.

A letter always does much better than a phone call or email, it gives you an opportunity to describe exactly what has happened in detail and offer supporting information and dates, and it only costs one stamp.

Do note that AT&T isn't AT&T anymore, though, so if you are complaining to them make sure that you're actually complaining about AT&T....


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Scott Dorsey

I submitted a complaint to the BBB yesterday morning.

Today, I was called by someone from the office of the president of executive complaints. She got it resolved within an hour.



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Fred Atkinson

A friend never could get AT&T to list his ported-to-Comcrap number. I was coaching him on how to escalate when he took a teaser to go back to them... for now.

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David Lesher

And it goes to the Executive Complaint Department, which is usually very responsive.

Somebody mentioned writing or calling the attorney general. In general, writing or calling the state commission is more effective in most states than the attorney general.

Wes Leatherock snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com snipped-for-privacy@aol.com

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Wes Leatherock

I had the same problem in three different states (SC, NC, and GA and in that order).

In SC, I finally had to get the SC PSC to hammer on them to make the listing. I got my listing.

In NC (Verizon), I finally had to get the NC PSC to hammer on them to make the listing. I got my listing.

In GA, I finally had to get the GA PSC to hammer on them to make the listings. I got both of my listings (in the Atlanta book and the Marietta book as well).

Sadly, you have to do these things to get it done.

In SC, I had a direct number to the lady who got my listing straightened out.

In NC, I had a toll-free number to the Verizon Executive Complaints department as a result of my going to the PSC.

In GA, I had a toll-free number to the AT&T Executive Complaints department.

Regretfully, I had to use those toll-free numbers more than once because I often couldn't get their CSRs to handle issues (billing or otherwise) with my listing.



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