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This is Sai from TANNA Corporation, Technical consulting firm in East coast of USA. I am looking for System Test Engineers and Software Development Engineers to work in VoIP and Embedded systems, If anybody is interested, please send me your resume to stanna at optonline dot com.

Thanks for your time,


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You are quite welcome. I hope you find some good employees, although you should really put these messages in our
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classified ad section.

As for me, this Sunday evening, for about an hour now the weather people and the Independence Police have been chattering about 'tornado clouds forming overhead' and urging people to be prepared to move to shelter, so I guess I will go somewhere which is safe. A very nice thing about living here is because we are in a valley area, tornados are very, very rare. And because police and public servants seem to be much more interested in providing service rather than doing politics, etc, there is _no way_ anyone could have missed their several announcements; television/radio weather stations; the police scanner (for Independence, rural s.e. Kansas), indeed, even the cable system itself, with police having taken it over a few times in the past 45 minutes or so telling people to watch out for major chunks of hail, along with extremely strong winds. So, assuming my house does not get blown away, I will be back here with you again tomorrow, Monday. PAT]

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