Cisco 6500 backplane sockets / module positions


While recently installing new modules into our Catalyst 6509E I noticed different size connectors on the backplane. The Supervisor 720 was preinstalled into slot 5.

Does it matter where blades are installed into 6500 series chassis?

Do Supervisor cards require certain positions?



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Yes, you have to install blades into the proper slots. As you told, there is

3 different connector sizes in 65xx chassis. Slot 1 and 2 usually comes with 1 1/2 slots (half on the left, and full slot at the right), slots 5&6 (slots 7&8 in 6513) come with 2 full slots, and the rest may come either as 1 1/2 or single "connector" (right side) depending on version.

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Yes, but no.

In general there are different 6500 slots but all slots are the same on the 6509 except that the sup720(s) have to go in a certain pair near the centre. If you only use one sup720 then the other sup720 slot can be used for a line card.

There are 3 kinds of line cards:- - classic - single Fabric - Dual fabric

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- 9-slot chassis: slots 5 and 6

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