CenturyLink facing pit bull of a lawyer with a record of biting over billing questions [telecom]

By Lauren Ritchie

CenturyLink customers across Central Florida complained to the Orlando Sentinel in August that their bills jumped higher every month, they were paying for services never ordered and they were quoted one price and billed another.

Things are bad when the local newspaper writes about a company quoting frustrated and angry seniors waving their bills. They're worse when a pit bull of a lawyer steps in.

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Centurylink needs to credit customers (and past customers) with money to conduct an independent audit of each month's bill every month. How much would that cost for auditors? $1,000 a bill? For example, everyone's January, 2017 bill should be audited once a month for at least 100 years. (Total cost: not allowing for inflation over 100 years, $1,200,000 for the January, 2017 bill) Why? To make sure that Centurylink isn't attempting to make retroactive changes to bills. Now, for a 10-year customer, that's 120 monthly bills and a total audit cost of $144 million. For each customer. And it goes up every time a customer has another monthly bill. With this in place, it's fairly obvious that Centurylink won't be getting any revenue except from the huge corporate accounts.

How long has Centurylink existed?

I'll also suggest that if Centurylink needs to change prices, or advertising, they should be required to use the same method laid out in the USA Constitution for amending the Constitution. This seems to take typically 12-36 months, with the rather extreme outlier of the 27th amendment which took 2,436 months (203 years). However, I can't see Congress getting excited about Centurylink prices or bothering to vote on them, so maybe they won't get price changes passed in under 203 years.

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