Burglars Picked Houses Based on Facebook Updates [telecom]

Burglars Picked Houses Based on Facebook Updates


If you plan to log into your Facebook account and announce to the world that you're heading to the beach for the weekend, you might want to append the status update with a warning that your home is under 24-hour surveillance, you have a 140-pound Rottweiler who hasn't eaten in a week and that you own a really good alarm system.

If you don't, you personal belongings could be fodder for some tech-savvy burglars.

According to New Hampshire's WMUR Channel 9 News, three local men, Mario Rojas, Leonardo Barroso and Victor Rodriguez, have burglarized more than 18 homes in the Nashua area of New Hampshire simply by checking status updates on Facebook and then pillaging houses of victims who announced on the social network that they were not home.


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