Viper Shock Sensors

Can anyone help. I have just added two viper shock sensors to an existing system. All the wiring is correct, but the sensors fail to activate. Its two brand new ones, and the chances of both failing is unlikely. However, on testing the voltage too the sensors, the panel is putting out 18v dc. Would this stop them working?



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limit you should not really be getting more than 13-14 volts from the panel.

Are you sure that they are wired up correctly and how are you testing them.

Just check what the charge voltage is to the battery because 18v to the battery is going to seriously shorten the battery life.

Before you scrap the panel though just check the meter.

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The operating range of the Viper range of shock sensors is normally 9.5-15 volts so it is outside of the recommended tolerance and would prob cause a detector failure. Assuming its not your meter and you have had it calibrated recently, it looks like the PCB is shot - if you are getting 18 volts or similar out of the aux and SAB hold off outputs I would change it.



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If the Viper has failed on over-voltage, the circuit would remain in a state of alarm ie device open circuit, if the circuit is clear and you have resolved the voltage issue, have you connected the vipers alarm contacts in parallel and not series?

Regards Ian

BAR wrote:

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No everything was wired correctly. Turned out that the system was pumping out over 18volts. Unfortunately the POT used to reduce the voltage wasn't working, so a new panel will be needed.

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