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I am planning to purchase a DIY home alarm system and I was wondering if I could get your opinions about the alarm systems present here:

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that captured my attention:

- Ademco Wireless Ready Package

- Ademco Plus PowerPack V20P

- PowerMax Plus Wireless System

Here are my constraints:

- Want to cover about 10 windows and 3 doors

- Need a feature that has the ability to send alerts via. phone, e-mail

- Easy to install (wireless most probably)

- Price limit $350

- Expandability (ability to monitor to about 30 devices)

- Supports a couple of motion sensors

Nice to have:

- Access from the internet to the alarm system

- Ability to send alerts to more than one phone number

I am new to home security alarm systems but I have chalked down all the features that I like to see. I would really appreciate if you would please give me feedback on the systems that are present in the web page. I am open to alternatives.

Thanks for your time.

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I had a Caddx NX8E system before rebuilding our home. It was a great security system, and could be integrated to home automation with a little effort (and $). It supported GE/ITI wireless sensors which are excellent.

I now have an Elk M1G which is very easy for a DIY'er to install and maintain. I think it will do pretty much everything you're looking for, but will exceed your $350 project cost by a bit. You can access the M1G via your cell phone to determine status and to control pretty much everthing you would want to from a remote location. Internet control is available at extra cost.

Check out

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I would encourage you to do hardwired sensors as much as possible. The money you save over wireless can be put to better use in the control panel itself.

I do not have any financial interest in any of the items I recommend.

Others here are intimately familiar with the system you''re looking at and will likely give you some good advice.

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My favorite is a simply acquiring a coupla signs with the name of a security co. that's active in your area (from eBay or locally), along with good locks and smart security practices.

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Bob (but not THAT Bob)


You must be related to the guy in this area who thought the same thing. And when the 3 guys pushed their way in, with only his wife at home, afterwards wished he'd had something more substantial than a lawn sign and a good lock. You know how it goes. If you have a lawn sign, you got to have an alarm installed in your house. If you have an alarm you must have something valuable to protect. Therefore, it's much easier to force a woman, who's all alone, to show them where all the goodies are than it is to break in, setting off the alarm, and having to leave before the police get there.

Oh yeah, did I mention one of the side benefits of a lawn sign? If you catch it early enough, you can probably beat out the fire with one of those signs too.

You'll never know the trauma of experiencing a break-in or a fire, until it happens to you.

But .... I know how it goes. Seein is belevein ...... huh?

By the way, this goes for the OP too.

Question, if you get a call on your cell phone, that your alarm tripped ...... just what exactly, are you going to do? Call the police? What are you going to tell them? Will you leave work and race home? Call your neighbor and ask him to take the risk of checking out your house? Suppose you're out and it's 2am?

Oh ....and, do you get good cell reception everywhere?

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I'm talking about a neighborhood (not a 'hood) where everyone else actually HAS a security system - the guy with just the sign wins.

I once worked in a store that had a security co. alarm system, and the ONLY theft EVER turned out to be the security monkeys " checking the alarm".

And I said "smart security practices' too, which includes not letting lowlifes who do your gardening, deliveries, roofing see what "goodies" you have.

I doubt anyone ever broke into a house with a security sign and unknown contents "on spec".

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Bob (but not THAT Bob)

Um, troll alert. js

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I want to tell you the following from Norway:

I came to my parked card and tried to open it with my remote, no reaction, so I had to use the key. As my dealer was nearby, I paid him a visit, but before going in, I repeatedly tried the remote, still no go. Then I went for the technician and when we arrived at the car, guess what? The remote worked fine and has done som ever since.

Heard about jamming? That was what happened to me and not only to the car, but to my wireless housealarm as well. So I asked the dealer - in England - why the h... the remotes were not equipped with anti-scan, codehopping etc., like a 1st class car alarm? He had no answer. You just think about that fact... and buy yourself an alarm that needs wiring.

Best regards,


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