"Well Hell Guys.."

it's even harder when the news group supplier, replaces a "blade"
HD and blocks all "write" service for 10 minutes..
(without telling anyone of the impact)
(and only allowing original post on this group not follow-up)
and my luck for trying to post at that same time.. 😉
I have to use 2 different N.G. programs anyway, one for regular mail
the other for yNec images..
Hine-sight, says it was a good thing, because what I wrote
wasn't worth posting anyway...
with all the government spying these days, it's not a really good idea
to talk weapons on an open forum anyway...
RTS (70+)
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Thunderbird is decent for both a mail client and a news client. I think Able uses it too.
I try to keep both AIOE and Eternal September accounts active on my news client. They both work 95-99% of the time. When one is down the other is almost always up. I get 99.999% news up time between the two.
Some of the newsgroups I used to read are all but dead. The last non-spam post on ROFB was by me, and its old enough the message body no longer loads. LOL. RCM still has a dozen semi active members and a decent size number of lurkers & occasional posters. RMH is about the same. Most of the people on SEJW are also on RCM and they only seem to reply on RCM, so...
Most of the groups went to forums, and now to Facebook groups. Facebook has made it so easy to create a group that they are prolific like rabbits with no predators and hugely diluting the user base. Often they are little cliques that just talk among themselves if at all.
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Bob La Londe
We use the Thunderbird also, but with the last upgrade, things have been a little screwy.. . the other reader is a linux knock-off that's been modified to "mostly" work on microsoft.. 😉 It does a good job of down-loads but has a run-away uploader. Does all the ole stuff from "Agent" without all the hassle.. . So let's see if this will post as a followup..
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Well we've worked out what happened.. The last update of Thunderbird, changed my setting at giganews to a generic default... Once I changed them back to the original giganews setting, it's now working... RTS
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Yes, I had problems as well after the update. Drove me a bit nuts!! Well, that doesn't take much these days!!! Finally got it back to what is was before.
I am always a bit nervous now when there is a new update..............
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