Online Supplier Recommendation Needed

I need a recommendation for an online supplier that is economical and reliable. My shopping list is as follows.

19" relay rack 66 blocks cross connect frame and hardware wall mount or rack mount bulk cable jacks wall plates

and just about anything else a healthy young boy would need to run a new phone and data network.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Robert R Kircher, Jr.
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Although you can buy from anywhere on the Net, at some point you'll need to start worrying about the shipping costs: cable is heavy, and so are 19" relay racks and plenty of other components. Shipping may be way more than $100, which may eat up all your savings in local taxes etc. So, in some cases it may pay to open a Yellow (or other color) Book and find a local suppler, such as Graybar, that sells not only to contractors but over-the-counter as well.

I myself rarely buy cabling stuff online because my regular distributor has (almost) anything I might want, but occasionally I do use Internet. I personally like these guys:

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link to their cabling stuff, they also sell audio-video). 'Been around for years, and ship from NJ, which works great for me. Other people may give you pointers to other suppliers, so watch for other posts here.

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You might want to try a local surplus or used equipment dealer.

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James Knott


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- big selection and reliable.

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