Computer guys?

Got to love these so called computer wiring guys was at the church I take care of there radio station when they called up to studio to tell me oh thank god your here we have no phone or internet in back end of church.

Start tracing wires to find they cut wires out of a conduit so they could send new feeds to back section which was fine and dandy but they never re hooked the wiring back up or re-feed it thru conduit. Pastor called computer people and asked for an explanation since they said they had cut no wiring installing the new computer wires and they apologized for what they did and offered to send techs tomorrow to fix it. never mind he said my guys here and will fix it and we will send you the bill.

What a bunch of morons gos into a pipe cutting what they thought where dead unneeded wires with out checking first. On top of it they blew up a 8 port switch and port in a 48 port switch while they where at it.

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nick markowitz
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What ever you do please do not even consider padding the bill................ ;-)


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sounds like some telephone service guys we got around here... (((AT&T)))

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Tut tut! Why ..... why...... I've never HEARRD of such a thing. Who would EVER do such a dirty underhanded thing like that. OOoohhh the Humanity of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't you ever heard of business ethmics ....ummm .. etmiths .... uhhh oh YOU know what I mean!

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