trying to hook up video with no luck

I'm not a installer...just a guy who picked up a ultrak sucurity monitor that switches between 5 cameras and uses modular inputs. and a few ultrak cameras that have a modular plug marked monitor, a modular plug marked interphone and three split lead screws connectors. One is marked power, one is marked ground and one is marked video. I hooked power up to the camera one dc 15 volt lead to power and the ground lead to ground. This still leaves the video screw without anything hooked to it. I used a 6 pin modular and hooked it to the monitor. I get audio...but no video. I tried this hook-up with 3 cameras and the result was the same with all. Audio...but no video. I feel that the screw marked video is the problem...but I'm no expert. I'm not sure if this group is friendly towards someone mining for information. If not I'm sorry....please don't flame me. Thanks.

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