Sounds like a set up to me

One of the Authorised dealers I do ocassional work for was told by the large local Corp parent near me it was ok to put smoke detectors in an apartment building on a residental panel with a siren and did not have to use commercail equiptment .Because apartments are residential. good thing they listened to me and talked to AHJ before they started the job and lost there ass.\\

Makes you wonder what kind of authorsed dealer program there running when they give out this kind of advise. the fire alarm experts are working overtime on this one.

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Nick Markowitz Jr.
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They're right! It is okay to do that. It just isn't up to code in many places.

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Just Looking

We used to run into that all the time. While many alarm companies try to do the right thing, there are still way too many that haven't a clue what is needed. The problem for the consumer is he has no way to know if the company he's dealing with is one of them.

Today I sold two commercial fire alarm systems to DIYers. Both got exactly what they need to do the jobs in compliance with code.

The authorized dealer programs are not intended to provide code compliant systems. In fact, they aren't even intended to provide security. They are designed to provide increased, recurring monthly revenue. Nothing else matters. That's why you keep seeing this sort of thing. This customer was lucky. You spotted the problem and presumably corrected it. Some installers would have simply put in what the job called for and walked away.

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Robert L Bass

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Oooo Ooooo I can't wait to hear how they saved the building and the lives of all the people in the whole town.

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You would have no idea what the code in their state is and therefore would have no idea what equipment they would need or if it is in compliance

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