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Is there a hobbyist/experimenter community that I can get in touch with so I can leverage my embedded PowerPC board to controlling all those hardwire and wireless contacts?

I've bought a house and got a Vista 15P in which I can't seem to find its master/installer code. Protection One was the provider.

I'm tempting to rip it apart and find out what makes it tick so that I can do the following:

  1. Leverage my home's existing hardwire and wireless infrastructure 2. Provide a secured Web page 3. Leverage my own GSM transceiver to contact my blackberry/handheld/phone (very locally) 4. Overload it with home automaton

The key is which Alarm provider is accomodating to this bleeding edge approach? I do want a monitoring station as well.

Capt. Kirk

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How do you propose to control a contact of any kind? They're not "controllable" devices.

Protection One locks they're panels so unless you get lucky by power down, power up, press the * & # at the same time if keypad displays 20 then you're in luck you can reprogram it. If it doesn't either toss it or see if one of the magicians here will unlock if for you. And you'll need a keypad that can program...a 6139 or 6160 (I think it's a 6160)...the programming sheets are easy enough to come by...if you get the 20 display then come back and ask.

As far as your other may be able to do some of it if you're an engineer.

Good luck

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Crash Gordon

I like the 15P for small stuff...its reliable and easy to program. Realistic...arg matey.

Let us know what you come up with...we'd...well, at least I'd be interested to hear what you do with it.


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Crash Gordon


  1. Panel is unlocked, I have access and diagram sticked on the door.
  2. I am an embedded software/hardware engineer (mostly with PowerPC and Motorolas)
  3. This is my first crack at this kind of "archiac?" board

It is about me evaluating whether I can extended it with 15P module add-ons and reprogramming. In other word, I've been resetted as an alarm newbie. It's been 20 years since I've hardwired a residential alarms using Realistic stuff!


Capt. Kirk

Crash Gord> How do you propose to control a contact of any kind? They're not

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