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Hi guys,

> > I need a hand with the entry and exit times... it seems as though I > have set BOTH times to 120 seconds - oops! I wanted to leave the entry > delay as 30 secs, and the exit delay as 60 secs, and I tried a few > times and ended up at 2 mins for each. > > I think I'm missing something, and I need to know exactly what key > sequence is required to get to the 3 digit time variable. Once you're > in section 17, i.e.
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, 1500, 17 ... do I press 2 or 02 for the Exit > Delay Time variable (which will end up being 060 for 60 second delay)? > Or, do I have to put in all the variables in order (entry delay, then > exit delay, then bell cut-off time...)? >

you simply go through everything in that section... here's the programming for 30 second entry, 60 second exit, and everything else default...

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1500 17 030 060 006 090 050 030 # #

done :)

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That's great!

Thank you so much for the quick response; much appreciated.

Great group, I'll be back!


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