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Hi all,

I have a DSC 433 alarm system. The "trouble" led has been on for quite some time. When I hit [*],[2] ... the number 7 comes on the top of the LCD panal.

Manual instructs to press 7 again to see the actual zone that's having problem. I pressed 7 again, and it just blink number 1 and then 4 repeatedly.

I have no zone 14, and zone 1 and zone 4 are working fine. What is that blinking 1 and then 4 means?

I really appreciate if anyone can give me some advice on this.

Thanks, Tom

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Low batteries on zones 1 and 4. They may be working fine now, but not forever.

These batteries should typically last around 4-5 years, depending on their use.

If these are door contacts, they're 2 AAA batteries, but put the system on test with your monitoring station first (assuming it's monitored). Another trouble will occur on the system for the contacts tamper switch. Be sure not to lose it's spring, don't touch the spiral antenna, and don't put the batteries in backwards.

If they're motions, they're either 4 AAA batteries (?) or a 3 volt lithium battery which may be difficult to find in stores. Same story on the tamper, but there's no antenna to worry about.

Go with high quality batteries for another 5 years, cheap batteries are basically already dead in comparison.

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That's so strange. Zone 1 and Zone 4 are not battery operated contacts. They are magnetic contacts for doors, with 22 gauge wires direct to the panel.

Is it possible to reset/clear the trouble led and see if it will come up again?

Thanks so much in advance.


shady wrote:

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Umm... ok? In that case, here's a couple possible problems...

- ESN numbers programmed into zones 1 and 4

- Option 8 enabled in sections 101 and 104

To clear the troubles, at least temporarily, power the system down and back up again (ac down, battery down, wait 30 seconds, battery up, ac up). If you're lucky, they won't come back.

You can also try the supervisory reset... *8, installer code, 902, wait 1 minute, 903, # #

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