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The rates I have seen are from 24 to 39 times the monthly. Many variables to consider that revlove around the type of contracts in place, the age of the account, the type of equipment, and type of account.

I have a question. Has anyone sold or bought accounts from another alarm > company to grow or downsize? if so, what would you expect to pay.. > > > Im looking to buy accounts but I really dont know what a fair price would be > for a group of them... say 10 or 50 at a time... > > M > >
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I bought an account base once. About 50 accounts. I didn't pay anywhere near the multiple I see talked about here. I also considered selling out my accounts once, and not only was I not impressed by the multiple discussed, I was eventually told I just didn't have enough accounts to interest them.

I would actually like to sell my acounts and take a couple years off from contracting, but I won't abandon my customers to the borg, and I won't be screwed just to sell them.

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