I am working on a very old fire alarm system that uses an EST LSS1 panel. The panel itself is still functional but there are some EOL's missing etc. and even though I want to do a full upgrade and bring the system up to code, the customer doesn't want to spend the $, so repair is the only option. Does anyone know where I can get documentation for this panel? Also is this panel comparable to the LSS4?

Thanks in advance!

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You want to get an EST panel fixed and you're not an EST dealer? Additionally a panel that has not been manufacturer in a decade or more? GE I don't think so.

Bid what you think is necessary to properly bring the system back to code. No more and no less. If the customer doesn't like it then red tag it and send the letter. Let the AHJ do their job. It is not the customer's choice anymore. That customer might not be worth having in the first place.

Walking away sounds like the only option. You want to put your name on crap that you know nothing about? Once you touch it, that friendly customer is going to grow teeth and claws and blame you for everything. Screw them. Do it right from the beginning or not at all.

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