Nick, I just don't get it!

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Reminds me of the factory I have where they just tagged all the fire extinguishers as in good working order despite fact they where ready to rust thru and loose there contents. Too many brick heads who just do not care.When we called company they said that's what there customers want .Well not this customer its full of blended oils so needless to say they no longer service it.

This is what happens when the industry hires the lowest common denominator for service techs and installers they can find and then has customer sign exculpatory agreements. which prevents them being sued.

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nick markowitz

You're so damn picky. What difference can it make if a few lives are lost ..... here and there. Just so long as it isn't anyone you know.

There are just some people who go to a business ethics school that hands out blinders on graduation day. In fact before they go to that school, they have to graduate from a similar life ethics school. Ya really have to be qualified .... ya know?

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In most states (to my knowledge) exculpatory agreements do not protect against liability for gross negligence.

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Bob La Londe

The problem is being able to prove it to the satisfaction of the court and all too many times things get thrown out or not proven even thou you would think it was gross negligence. you have to be able to prove the intent.

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