Napco Gem-Trans2 Bug

The first time this occurred I figured it was a one off circumstance, but I have had it happen a three times now.

Gem-Trans2 keeps sending low battery signals. Replace battery. Restart receiver. Restart panel. Replace battery again, etc etc etc...

Throw transmitter away and replace. Problem solved. These are with brand new installed transmitters with a fresh batteries reading over 3 volts under load.

Just something I thought might benefit another installer. The time spent is worth more than the transmitter. If you get a low bat with a good battery or a fresh replace within a couple weeks just replace the transmitter and save the headaches.

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Bob La Londe
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Are they supervised..probably they keep trying to send a supervisory signal if it doesn't get through on 1st try or does it wait till the next supervisory check in time?

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Crash Gordon

They are supervised but the communication is one-way so there's no way for the transmitter to know if the signal got through.

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Robert L Bass

most likely, the voltage/current sensor ckt in the transmiter is defective. possible cause wrong value on parts in ckt, causing the sensor to see a fault even though there is no real fault. We have seen this same problem in all kinds of products make in China.. usually its a defective resistor. it seems some resistors from china have a 50 to 70% tolerence rating..

1K resistors turn out to really be 1.95K... (least they get the 1 right)

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I guess they're not using enough lead. :-)

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Frank Olson


se are with brand

I've had this happen a few times over the years.

After the first couple occured, I just change the transmitter as you suggest. It never occured to me to mention it here. I just considered it one of those product quirks. HOWEVER ...... there are times when brand new lithium batteries will go bad very quickly. So it's not always the transmitter.

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You can't blame them. China has been buying up all the lead supplies to make baby bottles.

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