How to Program 128B To Notify Opens/Closes During Irregular Hours?

With an Ademco 128B panel can you get opens and closes that occur within irregular hours to generate alarm signals to the monitoring company? I need to have the monitoring company call the responsible party whenever there is an open or close between 1am and 7am on weekdays, and any time on weekends. The monitoring company only agrees to do this if the panel sends them an alarm (not just a log of events). So far we have the panel sending out alarms for a *failure to open* but that isn't the requirement.

Any help understanding limitations of this panel and how to program it for the desired requirement are appreciated.

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If your monitoring station is UL(C) listed for burg and fire, they should provide an option for supervised openings and closings (with reports and operator intervention) with no additional inputs from the panel. If they don't, it's time to switch providers.

Otherwise, you can:

  1. Utilize field 2*10 and 2*11 ("Allow Disarming Only During Arm/Disarm Windows" and "Allow Disarm Outside Window if Alarm Occurs"). You'll have to explain to the customer that anyone that tries to access the system (outside of the normal working hours) won't be able to disarm until after the alarm sounds. This will discourage anyone from accessing the system after hours.

  1. Make use of the Exception Reports option in 2*09. See section 6-2 through 6-5 in the installation manual for more details. This will only send openings and closing reports if the system is armed or disarmed outside of the normal time windows. You will have to have your central change the way they respond to openings/closings or you can manually change the report format to a specific "system trouble" signal that will stand out from the normal opening and closing signals.

You can still download the event log to obtain a detailed activity report for the customer.

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