Hospitality fire alarms

Anyone here doing hospitality fire alarm systems (hotel / motel/ bed & breakfast)? If so are you using conventional or addressable systems?

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Yup. Invariably we're upgrading an existing system and most have been wired conventionally. On new systems it's a "toss-up" and depends on what the Engineer has spec'd and what the electrician is comfortable dealing with. Unlike most jurisdictions in the US, in BC, you have to be an electrician to install fire alarm systems. Some of the guys are pretty good at it too (familiar with the code issues and wiring requirements), but for those that aren't they'll call in someone like me. :)

Regards, Frank

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gotta be an electrician to install fire alarms in the US too, a low voltage electrician. :)

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I was curious about new installations, but upgrades offer the same challenges. With the changes in occupant notification and the changes in elevator recall reqirements, I was curious if anyone is doing it with a conventional system any more.

BTW, calling in "someone like you" is a good niche isn't it?

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