Fire Alarms - Really?

Sweden's Ice Hotel has been ordered by the National Housing Board to install fire alarms, despite being made completely out of frozen water. The Ice Hotel, which is rebuilt every year in northern Sweden out of

this year come equipped with fire alarms.

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Bob La Londe
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saw that couple weeks ago pretty amazing

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I was wondering of they might have different codes for temporary structures. I'm sure somebody has checked.

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Bob La Londe

I guess there must be an international school for fire marshals.

Just goes to prove, no matter the location in the world ..... stupidity thr ives.

I mean ..... What could possibly burn(?) and someone MUST have suggested th at the fire would put it self out.

And then I wonder .... what could have been the over riding objection to th at thought. Uhhh ... Yeah but the building might cave in? Someone may drown to death? It might eat a hole in the floor and the hotel could fall in the river? The hotel could melt and flood the town? The occupants could die of heat stroke?

Well ... anyway ... I think that as long as they're going that far, they sh ould also put in a sprinkler system. When the fire starts it'll melt the wa ter in the pipes. Is it just me or does the intelligence of people around you seem to be dimi nishing?

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