Hi to the veterans from Rodney Brittain in Telluride Colorado


Been a long time since I have read the NG. My business has taken off and now that I am going into my seventh year I am reaping the benefits. Still don't like the Nationals ha ha.Hope all is well with those of you that are friends. Feel free to drop me a line at my email address without the no spam text.

Rodney Brittain

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Welcome back, Rodney. Mark missed you. He went so crazy due to your absence that he started dressing up like Evil Knievel's roadie, and tried to jump Rojas' garage with the 3 wheel contraption he rides. How's Kathy and George? CowboyChip? MarcAntony? Tell them all we miss them dearly.

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Where's my WEBTV?

Off what? The Spiral Staircase or the Plunge?

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