Check in's here are getting longer and longer apart

Well, I'm not checking in here as often as I used to. Other than Mark ( who barely posts) I'm the only one left still doing alarms. . I'm guessing Les is lying on the beach someplace with a drink with a little umbrella in it, reminiscing about conquests by looking at all the young little sweeties in their bikini's walking by. . Doing a lot of service calls. Lot's of my systems are getting older and older (like me). Smoke's keypads, contacts all needing replacement. Doing odds and ends mounting and setting up people's smart TV's , computer networks, app's on cell phones for the technically challenged. Customers doing renovations, need rewiring. Trying to get everyone to arm/disarm their systems from their phones. ( Using Napco Starlink Connect cellular devices) The main hangup for most is having to pay more per month for the cellular service. But if it cost me more it's gotta cost them more. But my monthly monitoring income is increasing and just did an across the board increase. . Cost of doing business is just going out of sight here in New York. Conditions in Manhattan are not good and the Sanctuary City crap is starting to move to the suburbs. I don't know how the suburbs got included with the NY Governor and NY City Mayor declaring NY City was a sanctuary city. They unleashed this monster and now it's too late for them to take it back. So now they're pushing at the boundaries of the surrounding suburbs to house illegals. I'm thinking that if I wash up on shore on the Riviara In France and claim immunity that maybe they'll put me up at the Hilton right on the beach. I can't imagine what these hotels in Manhattan are having to deal with. Not a person I talk to that's been in Manhattan isn't totally disgusted with people living on the streets and being constantly approach for handouts and having to deal with the smell of excrement in the streets and subways. . Hoping my area doesn't go to hell in a hand basket before I check out. Gotta get somebody in office who isn't beholding to their contributors that'll influence their national decisions after they're elected as has been the norm in this country too long. On the other hand, I think that anyone smart enough to get us out of the trouble this nation is in, is WAAAY too smart to run for office. We're seeing what politicians who have everything to lose can do to anyone they want to discredit. . But anyway, I'm not looking to cash out of this trade just yet, but age being the predictor I'm guessing the Times-a-commin, Hope you guys are doing ok,

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Jim Davis
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GeeWhiz Jim, You painted a very pretty picture of where and what I would be doing now that I have QUIT!!! Sorry, but Noooooooo that ain't so!!

Now with every day being a Saturday and with all the other stuff my time is trying to figure what I should do next................... Which is difficult!!

As for your work load and other challenges I hope all gets better. Not sure how it can or will but I hope it does.

I will say that one of the things you need to aware of is that once you cash out, your phone will not stop ringing. Mine just keeps on ringing and ringing with this X, Y or Z-customer having this problem or that and they don't know who else to call for some assistance. #(^@)*)U)Y$^^

I have been told by wife that I should just NOT ANSWER THE PHONE!!! She thinks it is soooooooo easy to do that!! I don't feel that it the right thing to do. Much the same if it was her mother that needed some help doing the wash or something that she does all the time.

I know that it will have to slow down at some point......... When??

Glad you are doing good with all. And yes, it has been quite here!!

Until another day, have a good one!!


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HEY! I fixed an alarm just the other day. I picked the dress ring up off the floor and super glued it back in place for that keypad in my garage.

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Bob La Londe

Yes, that is always an issue, although I am not retired like you. My shop is over run with projects I'd like to get done, but customers keep insisting I actually make the parts they paid me for.

I managed to sell my accounts (for not much) to somebody else in the end just so they wouldn't be abandoned. The new company was kind of a pain in the ass, but the agreement said they had to pay me my shop rate for any time I did spend helping them. When I actually invoiced them a few times they quit calling me so often.

I was actually out in the field helping one of their guys a year after I was out of the business when I discovered a variation of my DOS software attack to get into a Napco P1632 with unknown dealer code also worked with the Windows software. I never really tried it with any other Napco panels that I recall, but the P1632 was my main panel for 90% of installs for many many years.

I rarely get calls from old contracting customers. A couple I considered to be friends do drop me a text message from time to time for things like father's day or to tell me about some exciting new tech like a complete fusion splicer that fits in a backpack. I suspect there are a dozen or so commercial/industrial customers who would send me work quick if I renewed my license and let them know.

I cringe when the phone actually rings (my machining business is conducted 99% by email), because I have gotten bored asking the car warranty scammers if they will cover a 41 Pontiac Chief or a 42 Willys, or telling the guy who says he's going to cut off my power if I don't pay to have his knee breaker meet me at the transformer so I can give him what he's got coming. It used to be pretty funny when they would break character and tell me how they had their way with my mother in a thick far east accent. I've done that enough its boring now, so mostly I just cringe when the phone rings.

Only a couple times a month is the phone a friend wanting to have lunch. If its family and they call rather than text they usually need help. Dead battery, in a ditch, forget their phone. That sort of thing. Otherwise they text and I get back to them when its convenient. even my fishing buddies usually text first to see if I am busy.

You touched on one thing that definitely slows me down. Being paralyzed with indecision on what to tackle next.

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Bob La Londe

Thanks Bob!! I know I am not alone!!

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