! Pre-Lounch 09/15/2004 Hello I am now working with UBIFONE You can be the 1st member(Affiliate) in your country in this company!! Do you understand the meaning? Amos

UBIFONE is a Global Business Opportunity! Take something most people use everyday, reduce your daily costs by up to 80% !!! and turn it to a passive, residual income that works for you!

Make free phone calls!

Turn this State-of-the-Art Business Opportunity into weekly cash flow that works for you! Your first question will be: HOW?? The answer is very simple! UBIFONE is a Global Business Opportunity! UBIFONE can connect you to any phone, anywhere in the world and at Unbelievable Rates! UBIFONE offers the most advanced, State-of-the-Art Communications Technology and is considered to be the Leader in its market niche. UBIFONE offers an authentic breakthrough both in its products and Business Opportunity. Don't miss the Opportunity of Tomorrow! It is NOW and HERE! We are setting up our Global Teams Right Now and invite You to join us TODAY! What are the most significant benefits UBIFONE offers? You do not have to change your Service Provider! Easy to use, innovative concept and Ultra Low Rates Worldwide! UBIFONE can connect you from your cellular/mobile phone from anywhere in the world to a fixed telephone line for Just 5c - 10c per 30 Seconds/Unit! Can you believe rates can be so low? You can actually make a Phone call for less than 1/3 of what you would be paying now for the same call! Do the Sum-Ups. You will be pleasantly surprised and Our Rates will continue to drop down as volume increases!

You will get your own UBIFONE number - one Global Phone Number at which you can be reached anywhere in the world! Attached you will find a Business Presentation. Read it carefully. It can change your life in a matter of seconds! To sign in - go to:

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To our mutual success, Amos Ordan


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