Getting ready to start over...

Sometime in the next 9 months, I have the pleasure of moving....

Beyond the normal chaos that this creates it has some upsides...

I get to start over with my Home Automation and Alarm systems....

What I have NOW is an Ademco Vista 40 Wireless system and a SEPARATE X-10 Home Seer system.

What I am looking at is the Elk Gold as the backbone of my new system and going with X10 again...

Assuming I go with the Elk as my main panel....

Who's WIRELESS works best with the Elk?

Who's Home Automation Software works best with the Elk?

I have lots of "dreams" for the new house... like using proximity cars/devices to unlock doors/disarm things and more...

just some musings... Reality will probably be a LOT smaller than my wishes, but you never know...

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Bob Sisson
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It's my understanding that the ELK M1G will accommodate the GE NX-408E (8 zone wireless receiver), GE NX-416E (16 zone wireless receiver), and the GE NX-448E (48 zone wireless receiver)... GE NX series receivers were under the Caddx name, some equipment sources still list them as Caddx... The GE/Caddx receivers will work with most of the ITI/GE wireless transmitters... Good Luck with your project, Russ

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Russell Brill

Before you go with just the plain vanilla X10 take a look at the Smarthome,com Insteon technology. Also, you might want to look into Z wave.

Insteon is a combo of X10 with simultaneous RF signals. It will work with plain ole X10 too.

Z wave looks like a good technology, it's just that it doesn't seem as if very many other Mfg's are jumping into using and designing product that is compatable. On another level, it seems to me that that technology would bring alarm wireless systems to the next level. Could be just a matter of time.

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Beware! The GE/Caddx receivers mentioned are being phased out in Favor of a new "universal-48-zone with the Better ITI technology incorporated into them! (Caddx/ITI seminar about a month ago!)

Mike S.

Russell Brill wrote:

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Mike Sokoly

Thanks for the update Mike.......... Regards, Russ

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Russell Brill

Supposedly double the range

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Mark Leuck

Especially if your forced to mount the RCVR in the basement. BUT of course the encryption is better with ITI and Caddx: trade one: get one!

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