FA148/168CP FC code (remove phone from alarm)

hi i have a FA148/168CP and i get the FC code (phone) it's because my parent was on the phone with a compagny but now they buy another one, and i keep the system protection.

i don't want to connect it to the phone. it's connected and working but i can't use it because of the FC code and i didnt take the phone kit, i simply throw it because i didn't want to connect with phone..

How can i do to remove this FC code?

does it have a reset or i have to plus the cable some where?

Any information will be apreciated.

Thank you

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Go into programming and remove the telephone numbers in field 41 & 42.

Press installer code + 8 0 0 Press * 41 * Press * 42 * Press *99 to exit programming

That will solve your problem.

Give me a call if you want help over the phone.

Jim Rojas (813) 884-6335

bigboo wrote:

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Jim Rojas

Thank you,

i'm currently at job but i try it Tonight and let you know how it work

Thanks Again.


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bigboo via HomeKB.com

hi, it doesnt work, i'm not sure its the good model i have because i have the 2 number fa168 and fa 148

its write FC and 06 on my keypad it alternate... all the time

i'm not sure i get the master pass.

i get the password they set with the first installer last year.

i dont even know how change it, but it's not that important, it's more important to make it work and remove the FC and 06 Code.

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bigboo via HomeKB.com

Call me. (813) 884-6335

Jim Rojas

bigboo via HomeKB.com wrote:

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Jim Rojas

hi, i finaly get a tech from the place it get buyed

i have to enter code + 6 + 06 to bypass de zone 06 and the FC code isn't suppose to be a problem.

Thank you for your help, i will try it out monday. (not at home now..)

i could have call you but i dont speak english very well. Easyter to write.


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bigboo via HomeKB.com

How is bypassing zone 6 going to help you? That entire zone will not be armed.

FC = communication failure, and if you don't take out the dialer number it will keep trying to dial to their CS.

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Crash Gordon

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