Esprit Alarm Remote problem

I have an Paradox Esprit alarm system with the 626 key pad. The system has two small remotes each with four buttons, arm, stay arm, door and aux. For soem reason both these remotes have stopped functioning, won't open the garage door or arm the system. The only thing that has changed was a recent battery change in the main unit, the remote batteries are fine. The only manual I have is the 626 user manual which doesn't even mention these remotes. Are these remotes progammable? Does anyone have any documentation that may help? Thanks.

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RHC: Sir, your panel only works with an external wireless device attached to the bus. As I remember, this device is dependant upon being assigned to one of the 48 code slots in your panel. For example, if it's assigned during programming to the master code (in slot "00" for example), and you change the code in that slot, or you eliminate that code altogether, I think the unit will stop functioning (it can't send a non existent code to the panel).

Can you remember, did you change codes lately, or eliminate any ? Try putting all the codes back in the previous software slots, and things may well work again !!

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