You Can't Stop Robocalls. You Shouldn't Have To. [telecom]

Today's solutions for fighting spam and scam calls are ineffec- tive. But the onus should be on the phone companies, not you, to solve this problem.

By Brian X. Chen

The robocalls come when you are driving and they bother you at night. It doesn't matter if you're in bed or in a meeting.

Here's the worst news: There is really no way for you to stop them.

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Bill Horne
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I guess I've been lucky. I practically never get robocalls outside business hours. I've heard that one of the reasons for this is that most of them are done using hijacked office PCs, and these are usually turned off at the end of the day.

Today was a rare exception, my cellphone got a robocall on a Saturday afternoon.

A few weeks ago I discovered the setting on my cellphone to not ring if the call is from someone not on my contact list. That's been a blessing.

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