Re: You Can't Stop Robocalls. You Shouldn't Have To.

My Callcentric service has been a blessing in that regard.

> > They use True CNAMS to determine if the call is from a known > source of SPAM callers. And I can customize how I want them to handle > it if it is.

My reaction to Callcentric's call blocking is the same as Fred's! The rest of my family feels the same.

Fred did not describe If you get just their basic services, it will cost about sixteen dollars per month.

I don't think he makes it clear whether that $16 is for four lines or one line. Our charges are $5/month plus $0.015/minute for two lines. So,we are paying less than Fred but we don't talk much. A few hundred minutes a month at our rates for four lines would put the cost at about $16/mo or $4/line.


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