Don't know what to think about this guy

Is this a recipe for success or disaster?

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Why does it matter to you?

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Terrible site. full of errors.

As to his business model, I personally don't think it will be sustainable. if he keeps the accounts, then he will be overloaded for a small return. if he sells the accounts than he is really screwed. he gets a one time payment and still has to provide "free service, batteries, programming, yadda, yadda"

After he has 3-400 accounts, he will spend all his time running around punching buttons for half of them because why should they learn to use the system? They get "Free Srevice"!

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motley me

I think that's the most important reason of all to not give .... or get ..... free anything.

I knew a very wealthy man. He once said something to me, just in passing, that for some reason stuck with me. I've used it as a guide, not only in business but personally too.

It seems pretty simple but it's really a lesson in the values of working for what you get as well as you getting what you pay for.

He said very simply " If you get it for nothing it's worth nothing."

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