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I have 30mbps high speed cable, but I have my doubts about how much of this is just overkill.

Speed check sites vary but rarely do I see download speed above 15 or

20mbps,...but realistically when I'm actually downloading media or a program off the web it's rarely above 1mb. Usually well under. I know my download speed is only going to be as fast as the slowest link in the chain......... So whats the point?

I read somewhere that having a firewalled router can slow download speed because it's scanning the packets for malware, but how much?

Would I see any noticeable difference if I downgraded to 6-10mbps?

Home network: Running 4 devices {(pc1,pc2

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Nonsense, there can never be enough bandwidth!

ISPs like to promise a lot and offer a little. I consider getting half of the advertised speed to be the norm. That being said, the speed-check sites might not all be able to handle the highest speeds either.

No, unless you specifically installed a malware/virus scanner on the edge, that would not be the problem. Most firewalls and routers are at least 100Mbit/s, which is more than enough for a 30Mbit/s connection.

Not unless you're heavy on the torrent traffic. I've found the best way to test my own bandwidth is to download and share large Linux distro DVD ISOs and watch the transfer numbers. I'm not a gamer, so I can't tell you what kind of traffic online games utilize, but I can't imagine they are too piggy.

That's a tough question. Would you rather put your savings into another area of your life? Hobbies can get expensive! :-)


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