Dial out on 236i2

I am unable to get my 236i2 to dial out. The phone line is just a single pair if I unplug it from the rj connector and plug it in to a phone there is a dial tone.

All panel options are pretty well default.

Have set receiver #1 to be:

0A A04124# 0B 38xxxE# 0C 000000#

Is there anything else that needs to be set or changed from standard to enable this.

Thanks Rob

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Connect a phone to the line and dial a number like a mobile and make sure it rings, cancelled phone lines can still have a dial tone. If you only have a single pair phone line running to the alarm panel than that is wrong, if a phone is off the hook and the alarm panel attempts to dial, it will not take over the line and be able to dial out.

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Max 351

Check location 07 010000 location 7 position one can default back to 1 disabling dialler

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Max 351

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