Dropped Skype calls when house phone rings.

I am having a problem with my Skype calls dropping when my house phone rings.

I am a Verizon DSL user with a Westell Versilink Model 327W modem/router running a cat5 line to my computer, and a cat 5 line to a

2 Wire bridge (formerly router converted to a bridge) for a HPNA Network.

If I am on a Skype call and the house phone rings, after about the 2nd ring the Skype call seems to go dead and is lost on the other end. Calls are dropped even when HPNA bridge is disconnected.

Conversely Skype calls in progress are not dropped if I initiate a call on the house phone. And Skype calls are able to be initiated and go through if started when the house phone is in use.

Any thoughts?

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This sound like either the ringer voltage or the callerID is disrupting the internet service. One test would be to go to some steaming musing site and see if it occurs there as well.

If so, this would not be a skype issue, but a DSL issue and would nee to be addresses by Verizon.

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Verify that your DSL modem it getting clean access to the POTS line and that all other devices are behind DSL filters. Otherwise there's a central office or wiring problem.

Try this, unplug all other phones or anything else connected to the POTS line and leave just the DSL modem connected. Make your skype call and then dial in using a cell phone. See if the problem remains. If not then there's something in the house that's connected to the line that's causing trouble. Try them, one by one, until the problem returns. It could also be bad wiring in the house. So if you can get to your outside phone box (the network interface) you could run a telephone extension to the DSL modem and use that socket to test.

I've found it's best to put in a special jack just for the DSL modem and then run ALL other in-house devices through a single DSL filter. This way you don't end up with a ton of those damned filters plugged in all over the place.

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Bill Kearney

Thanks to all that have answered.

I believe I have found the problem and it is related to the Alarm system. If I unplug the alarm from the RJ31X box all works as it should. I now have on order a RJ31X DSL filter that I am hoping will fix all of my issues.

In checking everything, I forgot about the alarm system, but unlike any of the other telecom devices used in the house, it seemed to work fine without any changes. I was able to test the system and get feed back from the alarm monitoring co, as well as summon the police when the alarm was accidently set off. I guess I did not think it was effected by the DSL (or for that matter the HPNA) frequencies used in the house.

They tell me my HPNA network will also work better with this filter although I have never had a problem with it.

I will also think about the concept of running the splitter outside at the demarc. Not sure I want to do that at this time. Fiber has come to my neighborhood and I am considering that as a possible change.

Again thanks for your help.

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The splitter/filter doesn't have to be outside. Run a single line in from the demarc, to a punchdown block. Pull one pair off to the DSL modem. Pull another pair off to a filter and run all other house lines, including the alarm, through that. The alarm only needs to be able to grab the voice dial tone. Most alarms, when triggered, will cut off any other voice calls in progress, wait a second for a new dial tone, and dial out. The DSL unit won't even be making a 'voice call' so you need not have it upstream of the alarm device. Just make sure you never plug a voice phone into the DSL port. Otherwise, yeah, you'd need to get a DSL filter designed to integrate with an alarm system.

If you have neighborhood fiber (most likely Verizon) DO NOT LET THEM TAKE DOWN YOUR COPPER LINES. They're remove 'em for free. But if (when) you want to go back to regular telephone service you'll have to spend a couple of HUNDRED dollars to have new copper wires pulled back to your house. DON'T DO IT. Leave the copper up there, it won't harm anything and new fiber can be pulled right along with it.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

I got the special DSL filter and my problems have disappeared.

I am holding off on the Fiber line because of the fear of a power failure longer than the backup battery will keep the line running. The battery on the Fiber line is only good for 8- 10 hours, a DSL line is still powered at least pots line by the Telco office and they have a back up generater.

Thanks for the advice

Bill Kearney wrote:

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Heh, it's always the simple stuff, eh?

Well, if you're using the telco's DSL then it's certainly likely to stay online. Most 3rd party services usually get power from the same setup so they'd be likely to stay online as well.

But in this day and age, if power goes out most folks would just use their cell phones and keep 'em charged in the car. That's what I did when power went out for six days after Hurricane Isabel.

The DSL line (speakeasy) stayed live the entire time but there wasn't power for the DSL modem or the WiFi access point. Well, there WAS, for the first two days anyway, via battery UPSes. But when those tanked it was time to surf from neighbor's wifi...

Glad to hear you got things working again.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

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