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Hey all,

Long story short................ I got an email from some one in South Florida requesting a local dealer for a system install in residential. At this point the only is that they want the dealer to use COPS Monitoring Service.

Anyone here there or know of anyone there??



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I don't know anyone there but I'm wondering if you would sign up only one account to a central station that you normally don't do business with? Do you know why they just want a particular central? Is COPS local to them? If not, I'd think you'd be able to move them to yours with very little problem, if yours is local. I don't know about you but I sure don't want my central located half way across the continent or even in another state. It seems to me that there's got to be a lot different relationship between a central and a dealer that they know can come down and get in their face with or if the service isn't what it's supposed to be .... the local word can get around pretty quick. Dealing with a central that's half way across the continent, they could give a crap if you're not happy with the service. What can you do about it? Cancel your account? They couldn't care less.

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Jim least I think she's still with COPS.

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