Hi guys I have sent out mass fax trimmed the price of units and still having problems getting customers. Any ideas on how to get just 4 to 6 new customers each month for PC based DVR's and some cameras?

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Sending out "mass fax" is ILLEGAL unless you have permission from each recipient. Stop it.

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Nomen Nescio

Good thing you missed me in you broadcast fax. You would then meet my wrath. Except maybe you did. About 3 weeks ago I got 12 pages from somebody selling cctv, may have been the full catalog, and then a email follow-up. Some female twit got an ear full not to mention a copy of the Federal Statute.

I fully agree with alarman. Not the way to get my business.

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Hi , Welcome to the real World.I am the same.

Kind Regards

Mick Leeds U.K

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Micky Savage

Years ago there was a company that used to send me automated faxes every night. We never did business with them and I never gave them permission to send me faxed ads. I asked them several times to take my number of their list but they kept it up until I found a solution.

I created a full page image of white text on a black background. The text began, "Take my FAX number off your list!" The next lined contained my name, business name and fax number.

Next I created a 100 page Word document with the same image on every page. I then sent the document directly to the offending company's fax machine. I never heard from them again so I guess they got the message. :^)

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Robert L Bass

That is what they deserve.

Sounds somewhat similar to what I did once. I got a un-requested fax from McGraw Hill to buy some book. They were nice enough to provide an 800 fax number for my order.

I took the order form and wrote with in big letters with a magic marker "REMOVE MY NUMBER!!!"

I then scanned it and turned into a .bmp file and then faxed that "file" back to them. The return fax took 28 minutes to send since it was now 37 pages in length. (slow fax modem) Got a call the next day to confirm my fax number to get it removed.

I can only imagine a group of office staff laying out this 37 page puzzle on the office floor to read the message.

Revenge is SWEET!!!!

I wonder if the original poster OP "Surveillance" is reading and learning anything from this thread he started??? Or on the other hand he may not really get the point. Too bad.


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On 6/19/06 afternoon I called an attorney to whom I gave copies of some mass faxes these NSA and FBI PSYCHOPATHS faxed to me and HARASSED me even during MIDNIGHT DELIBERATELY to DISTURB ME.

These NSA PSYCHOPATHS heard my conversation on my cell phone with the attorney office and CREATED this comment out of thin air. This NSA PSYCHOPATH NEVER posted in before and this is the FIRST TIME.

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Stanley Barthfarkle

You're *bad*, Stan... ;-}

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Frank Olson

Stanley FARTbarkle,

You should be FARTING and NOT booing.


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You "STINK" frank.

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When receiv " Since you like to waste my supplies with your garbage. I thought you wouldn't mind if I waste yours. Fax me unsolicited again and I'll do this every night for a week ...... then a month. ....etc.


Although the faxes always stop, for some reason I've never even been given the courtesy of a return call. Go figure.

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It works when you are getting GENUINE FAXES from marketers but NOT when FBI and NSA PSYCHOPATHS are FAXING you for JUST THE PURPOSE of HARASSING and MENTALLY TORTURING YOU.

Probably you never heard of SPOOFCARDS available in plenty on internet which can be used to send you faxes and make anonymous calls with somebody elses numbers.

FBI and NSA PSYCHOPATHS dont even need to use the SPOOFCARDS, they have the TECHNOLOGY IN HOUSE.

They can sit in Maryland and Wasington DC in their head quarters offices and make YOUR PHONE number appear on some body elses phone caller id as if YOU are CALLING and HARASSING THEM.

In 2005 april, FBI and NSA PSYCHOPATHS did that to me and in a period of 10 days, plenty of ordinary american civilians in Virginia called my unlisted phone number and ASKED me WHY I was CALLING THEM FREQUENTLY.

A couple of guys even left me messages in my answering machine cursing and swearing at me EVEN THOUGH I NEVER MADE those phone calls to them and I was NOT EVEN AT HOME when the alleged calls from me took place.

These were the people who called and asked me why I was calling them even though I NEVER CALLED them and I have NO IDEA who they are.

703-580-8992 4/2/04 Dale City, VA 540-309-1226 4/3/04 Roanoke VA 434-525-1448 4/3/04 Lynchburg, VA 757-404-1076 4/4/04 Harry Folsom left me an abusive message 703-820-6695 4/4/04 DC Suburb, VA 770-966-5236 4/4/04 Cooper P D, Woman left me an abusive message 757-483-0583 4/7/04 Norfolk, VA 540-463-7459 4/7/04 Lexington VA 703-541-0950 4/9/04 DC Suburb, VA
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