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I bought a 93 subaru a couple years ago. The friend who sold it to me told me the alarm never worked right and that he disabled the loudspeaker. Not being a fan of car alarms myself, I didn't mind. There was a switch under the dash to turn off the alarm if it ever went off for no reason. Well, a year ago, in a fit of rage because it wasn't behaving, I ripped out the switch. It worked fine until a couple months ago. Now I think it's always armed ... when I drive it, it makes a clicking noise and sometimes, like now, it won't start at all ... just makes that clicking noise .. I think it wants to play the loudspeaker. I thought I had a workaround involving turning the steering wheel to the left while turning the key, now that doesn't even work. Is there a way to quickly and easily completely disable that alarm? any advice helpful. Robert

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Robert Gehl
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