Help with international calls that should have been blocked. [Telecom]

We have an Avaya system. All the users are set up with the COS as 50 states only. No Canada, Mexico or other countries. We also have 900,

976, etc blocked. We also have call forwarding to outside numbers blocked.

We just received a bill for a lot of calls to Venezuela. I can find the person based on the date and time by reviewing calls in Witness.

My concern [is] how they did it.

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Does the COS allow them to dial operator? I bet that's how they did it.

A few years back I got called into the Admin directors office to go over some phone bills that had international calls on them, except the calls were at odd hours.

I went into the call history and only found one of the calls and we could easily trace that to the cleaning crew.

The others were more of a concern. After physically tracing the wiring I found out we were bridged into the building next door and they actually had their phone system wired into our lines.

Verizon wasn't happy about that.

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Why don't you ask them?

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"Ted" wrote

A few simple guesses:

Screening error on one line, assuming only one line was used and you can identify it from your records.

1010XXXX not blocked for alternate carrier selection.

00+ not blocked for LD operator assistance.

The company that carried the calls should be able to tell you how they were dialed ......if a detailed bill doesn't show you a code for that already.

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Just Me

Operator assistance?


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Scott Dorsey

Both are blocked.

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My boss called me after I left work and was at physical therapy. When I got in the office this morning, I reviewed the bill and compared the weekend, late evening, and Thanksgiving holiday calls to the access card system and recorded calls on Witness. there were no calls on the witness system at the time and date of those calls. I checked the access card system records and there were no employees or cleaning crews in the office at those times including the four days we were closed for Thanksgiving.

I called AT&T and received a good rep who after a little discussion where I informed her that anything other than 911, toll free and 50 state are blocked removed the charges of over $850.00 from the bill.

Thanks for your suggestions and ideas.


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If there were calls recorded in our witness system, I would have known who to ask.


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