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Car Dealership:

Me: I am shopping around for trucks. I want you to give me your price on this model with these features.

Them: Ok, I'll call you later with a price.

Them: Ring, Hey, Bob, this is the price on that truck. I went ahead and ordered one in so it would be here when you are ready to pick it up."

** What?!? **

Alarm Distributor:

Me: I need this part red label overnight. If you do not have it I need you to have it drop shipped red label over night from the MFG.

Them: Ok, we will take care of it.

Them: Ring, Hey, Bob we ordered that part in to our branch so you will have it when you need it.

** What ?!? **

Get them invested. Neither is doing you any favors or even doing what you asked. They are trying to get you invested and force you to buy from them on their terms. Its like the gold pen trick or the ask for a glass of water and then don't drink it trick. Hard sell, manipulation, and pressure at its worst. Gack!

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Bob La Londe
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