Well, I'm done with them. I am planning to moive my office soon to a newer bigger building. I called AT&T to move my lines and spent a while on hold. Probably close to 30 minutes. I was actually surprised that I got through that quickly. In the past it was nit unusual to wade through their auto attendant for ages only to be told to check their website.

Anyway, they say I can't keep my phone numbers at the new location. I was not thrilled. The guy said there were some options, and I said, well I guiess you better tell me what those otpiosn are then. He did the typical tele-servie attitude thing, and after begging him to please tell me what the options are he said he was going to put me on hold to let me cool off. I gave up. F' Him~!!!

It took me less then a minute to get through to Qwest and less than 10 mintues to change my local service over to them and change my long distance over to Inter-Tel (Inter-Tel handles my toll free lines already).

I had used AT&T a few yeas ago for my CS toll free lines, but they lied to me, broke service contracts for rates and sub-minute billing and I switched to Inter-Tel at that time.

So AT&T has just lost the last little bit of money they would ever make from me.

Don't get me wrong. Qwest is not wonderful. I had local service with them for ten years before switching to AT&T to save a couple bucks a month. Still... Anyway, its back to them. Atleast I don't have to wait half an hour to talk to somebody who won't help me. I only have to wait 5 minutes with Qwest. LOL.

-- Bob La Londe The guy who makes the final decision on who we buy from.

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Bob La Londe
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Congrats on your valuable contribution to the free market system. Corporations tend to forget who made them what they are... their customers. It's time to do the same thing with ineffective corporations as we SHOULD also be doing with ineffective politicians- fire them all and make room for some hungry new blood with new ideas, goals, and the fortitude to walk the talk.

Stanley, who cannot wait until the Libertarians get it together and field some real contenders in a National election.

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Stanley Barthfarkle

Ive noticed a distinct improvement in Qwest service recently in our part of the world. Hope springs eternal

MC Support Services ESS/Spokane WA

Bob La L> snipped>>>>

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Well to almost quote Roberto Clemente "AT&T has been very good to me". For what ever problems I have had with AT&T, I have never been one to put teeth marks on the hand that puts food in my mouth. I don't know if you prefer to service large customers or not, but they could be "very, very good" to you too if you did. I can't say what it is like doing work for AT&T in your area, but here you don't have to chomp off more than you want to. You can bite off what ever size chunk of work on their bill of fare that suits your interests. When you get a bill and check from AT&T, instead of just a bill, it might change the way you look at things.

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