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Is somebody know how to set my DSC 2550 alarm to factory (default) settings.Reset or something like that.I can't use my alarm because i don't know any code or mastercode.I have new house with alarm which i can't use 'cause a men who sold me the house did not tell me the code.( maybe he forget).I don't know.

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Press the keys in this order: Hold down the big "P" key on the keypad for 5 seconds. You will hear the sounder, this is normal when in test mode. Then, hold down the big "F" key on the keypad for 5 seconds. Now, wait 5 minutes for the system to enter "Homeowner Verification" mode. Please don't tell anyone this secret process, since criminals could use it to disable the alarm.

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Steven Vaughan

You *may* be able to default the board if it hasn't been locked. To determine this, you'll have to power down the system completely. Disconnect one of the battery leads and the main power. Wait for thirty seconds and reapply main power. If the onboard telephone relay "clicks" multiple times, your board is locked and you'll have to call the servicing company to unlock it. There are several other alternatives to this (if the particular company is unresponsive). You can probably purchase a new board off eBay (but you might wind up buying another board that's "locked"), or you can send the common control board it to a Dealer (like Jim Rojas at

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to unlock, or you can replace the whole shebang with a new system. The 2550 is "old technology" and you actually might be better off going with a new DSC

1864 (if you're bent on going the DIY route, this is one of the easier panels to program). You'll need new keypads as well.

Good luck!!

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uh huh.

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