AES Intelli-Net Test Module

Wondering if anyone else is interested in something like this

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for on-site diagnostics for AES-InetlliNet Radios. It will give you real- time feedback from the radio regarding system alarm/trouble conditions and zone alarm/trouble conditions as well as network connectivity status (good peers, total peers, netconn, etc.). All hands-free. Just plug it in and watch. We are Giving them to our local AHJ's so they will be able to properly pass/fail a new install based on network connectivity without needing to know what NETCON 5 OR BETTER means. Several of our dealers have them now and LOVE them and the time it saves them in trouble-shooting and testing. Several AHJ's have been introduced to them and the LOVE the idea of a PASS/FAIL indication instead of having to understand the radio technology and what is considered good or bad.

Any feedback regarding usability and features is welcome. We made a small batch of them initially so any hardware suggestions can be incorporated into the next hardware design.

We whipped it up primarily for our own dealers and AHJ's, but it seems to me others could benefit from it as well. It works on 7450, 7750, and 7788 radios (the 7788 includes Zone and Peer status, the other radios can only show netcon and system status). It will work for any tech on any network. Your AHJ can contact us if they want one for inspections (it's a slightly different version of software on the AHJ models).

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