Has anyone else noticed a change in Google Voice? [telecom]

I've been using Google Voice for almost a year, with good results, but it seems that something has changed.

Since Hurricane Irene, however, there seems to have been a change:

  1. Calls fail about 50% of the time: my dialing attempts seem to succeed, but Google Voice never rings my POTS line. 2. Voice quality has degraded markedly, as if they VoIP system is using "quarter rate" sampling.

Has anyone else noticed this?


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Bill Horne
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I have occasional troubles on #1 but no more now that usually. What aggravates me is often it is because I've dropped off/been logged out but not realized it -- the Google AJAX etc does so much locally that I don't even know I am not connected.

With #1, if your GV # is a local call; you can call it and hit

*[PIN]2 to dial out.
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David Lesher

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