Ademco Vista 20p

Please, I need help (step by step procedure)

I want to bypass the smoke detector zone which is defect. How do I do that please.



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Step 1: Close the panel door, and slowly back away. Step 2: Go to the telephone, and call a qualified fire alarm tech. Step 3: See step 1.

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You cannot bypass a fire zone. Give me a call, and I will assist you with your problem.

Jim Rojas (813) 884-6335

Delima wrote:

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Jim Rojas

Fire zones cannot be bypassed.

More to the point - you do not want to BYPASS them, you want to FIX them.

Are these the only smoke detectors in the house?

If so - find the defective detector, pull it down and use wire nuts to reconnect the wiring - physically bypass the defective head so the rest of the circuit and detectors work. Then get the defective head replaced as soon as possible.

Jim gave you his phone number - I suggest you use it or call a company in your area - just call to find out how much they will charge. It might not be as much as you think.

Most iDo not allow yourself or anyone you care about to spend even one night in a home without functioning smoke detectors.

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That puts him in an endless loop and he will never fix that smoke :)

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When was the last time it was cleaned? How old is it? Like the others can't bypass (nor should you be able to) a smoke detector - it need to be cleaned or replaced.

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Crash Gordon

Perhaps, but in this case, the first step is the most important.

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