20p with keyfob for garage door

I am using Vista-20p with a wireless reciver. The home owner wants to open and close the garage door with a keyfob. Since I am relatively new on this panel dont know how to do this. anyone can help me out

Thanks in advance Neo

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You can either use the output on the keypad or the onboard relay output.

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Onboard relay to close the circuit but you will need a wire from the opener to your panel. Programming can be a bit tricky but if you read carefully and take your time it usually goes smooth.

If you are using the RF keypad the should be a relay on it as well but whenever I try using the onboard zones or relay on the keypads I always get mighty confused and end up calling tech assist - then i get it working.

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If he dosen't already have a keyfob. try a street smart code encryptor. much less programming.

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