VPN connectivity problems with Mac

My colleague has been connecting to my company's network from home using a Nortel VPN client on his personal Mac. He seems to connect ok because he can visit websites that grant selected access to IP addresses associated with my company. The problem arises when he tries to find a networked drive on a company server. On PC's these drives can be mapped using commands like \\\\server1\\. If he tries to map the drive, he gets an error that the drive cannot be found. His LAN consists of computers on his wireless network. I am assuming that he needs to be somehow authenticated on to a particular domain in my company's network before he can have access to servers within that domain. My question is how does one do that on a Mac with a Nortel VPN client?

I apologize for the lack of detail but I am sending this on someone else's behalf and I am not a Mac user... Thanks - RK

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I would be willing to bet this is a name resolution issue.

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Almost definitely.

The user should try accessesing using commands like "\\\\\\" (or whatever the servers IP address is ) to see if this is the case.

99% of the time in my experience it is.
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T. Sean Weintz

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