NOrtel SNMP and MOM


I've been tasked to get all our hardware reporting to Microsoft Operations Manager 2005. THe windows boxes have been simple. However im having trouble getting my switches to report. The switches are in production so i can't cold boot them to see if a i get a trap in WMI on the MOM Manager Server. Now in the menu of my switches, mainly Baystack 325's, are the SNMP settings. I have entered my SNMP managers IP address in the Trap #1 portion. and i have changed the community string name to the one we use.

I have been able to interogate the switch using snmputil walk on the oid . and get get all the sys info. But i want MOM to raise an alert when the switch link goes down, is this possible? What trap needs to be sent to get MOM to raise an alert?

Can anyone help?

Cheers Ben

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