Nortel Secure Router 4134 Anyone using these?

The company I work for recently purchased two Nortel secure 4134 routers. One for our corporate office and one for our D.R. site. They are replacing our Nortel BLN Routers. We have had nothing but a hard time getting these routers implemented. After configuration, when implemented we were not able to get any of our thin clients, printers or RDP sessions from our remote locations to connect. Even while using a 45Mbs DS3 Circuit, lower end services such as ping, telnet, snmp worked without any issues. It appeared to affect only the higher level functions. After researching we were told our MTU setting my was set too low at 1500. We then bumped up the MTU to 1601 and disabled fragmentation_RFC_1490.

Upon our next test, when we implemented, everything appeared to working fine, print jobs were working, thin clients were able to connect, we could even VNC to pc's at the remote locations. Seemed pretty fast as well. Now granted we were testing on a Sunday, not many of our remote locations were even open. But it seemed like the MTU and Fragmentation changes resolved the issue. On Monday however at 7:00am our entire network came to a crawl. Everything was still working, just extremely slow, 10-15 mins to log onto a thin client. print jobs would hang...etc. When we looked at our Network Utilization we were only using 20Mbs of out 45Mbs pipe. Due to the fact that I was not here during the slowdown. I was not able to get any pcaps on the either the T3 interface or Ethernet interface. I was even to see if Auto QOS was causing an issue. However as soon as we switched back to our trusted BLN. The network came back instantaneously, and started running fine again.

My question is this. Is any one else using this particular model of router? If,so has anyone experienced the same kind of issue? I have tried looking on Nortel's website, but all the documentation they have does not go very in depth, mostly just configuration and limited troubleshooting. Unfortunately I am more familiar with Cisco routers, than I am with Nortel. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am basically looking for more info, either from forums, other news groups, etc... Thank you

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