Cisco Pix - Nortel VPN

Hi there,

Have a very strange problem on our network. In our Benelux office we

have a Cisco Pix 506e which has a branch tunnel to our UK office

which is a Nortel Contivity 1600 VPN. the UK office is the central

link for our European offices to our head office in the US who have a

Nortel VPN as well.

The setup is

Benelux - UK Branch office

Benelux - US - remote network with traffic going through UK

When our US office try to connect to a server is Benelux they cannot

initiate a connection even though the tunnels between UK - US and UK-

Benelux are all up and traffic going across them. The only way that

traffic can go to Benelux from the US is if Benelux ping an address

on the US network which drops the first couple of packets and then

works fine. We have other 506e boxes around Europe but none of the

others behave in this way.

Any ideas? I'll post config of Cisco box if it would help.



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